Posted by: Kristen Hicks | May 17, 2010

Things I like about Austin

So when Sunday morning rolls around and I wake up hungry for something light and healthy and my boyfriend wakes up wanting…well, the exact opposite, what to do? Luckily,we live in a town with a vast wealth of food resources and local business owners and chefs stretching the ideas of what traditional dishes can be.

Thus, I end up drinking  a delicious smoothie from the Daily Juice:

The Green Sunset:  Mango, cherry, fresh organic carrot juice, fresh organic apple, organic beet and organic spinach and spirulina

Quite yummy and refreshing.

And then I proceed to watch John help himself to the most indulgent donut I think I’ve ever seen from Gourdough’s:

Porkey’s: Canadian Bacon, cream cheese and jalapeno jelly

It was a morning that perfectly encapsulated two of the many different sides of Austin and our varied weekend  brunch excursions are one of the many things I’ll miss as I venture out into exploring the elswheres of the world.

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