Posted by: Kristen Hicks | August 29, 2010

Natural Wonders of the World

8 new natural wonders of the world have been added to the World Heritage list and my neverending list of places I would love to visit just keeps growing…

Here’s the new natural wonder with the neatest name (also noteworthy for being the only one recognized for its cultural value, as well as its natural):

Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument

Here’s the one that looks like it’s out of a fairy tale:

La Reunion

La Réunion National Park

The Sri Lanka’s Central Highlands were chosen with the region’s distinctive wildlife in mind, including several important endangered species such as the purple faced langur and the Horton Plains slender loris (recently thought extinct).

Western purple langur

In  a more optimistic choice, the Pheonix Islands protected area was chosen because it’s a rare

Horton Plains Slender Loris

ocean environment not yet very adversely affected by climate change.  According to National Geographic, it’s one of “the planet’s healthiest coral archipelagos—or large group of islands—hosting 800 species of animals, including 500 species of fish and 18 species of marine mammals.”

A waterfall in the Danxia Range

Another one looking like it’s out of a fairy tale is China’s Danxia Range–I think this might have been something left out of Wild China, but it sure gives me another reason to start learning Chinese.

You can read more information about these and the other new sites added to the list if new natural wonders of the world here.

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