Posted by: Kristen Hicks | November 23, 2011

Dance Party Time

So…I sat down to get some work done a few days ago and the song 100 Yard Dash came one and I realized: I can’t just listen to 100 Yard Dash, I must watch it. Then, I made the stunning realization that there were many, many Raphael Saadiq videos on YouTube I had not yet seen and it became imperative that I spend the next hour with the beautiful soul singer with impeccable fashion sense. I mean, what kind of person would I be if I prioritized work over dancing to some exceptional music?

Thus, for those of you in need of a break from whatever productive activity you’re considering at the moment, whether you knew it already or not, I give you ideal personal dance party fodder:

Warning: You might have a hard time listening to anything else for the next few days.


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